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Reception - Percy

Welcome to Reception


Class Teacher: Mrs R. Wells

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs D. Pinder, Mrs Smith, Mr O Carroll, Miss Robinson

Summer 1 


This half term are topic is growing. We will be planting different types of seeds and watching them grow. We will also be looking at different mini beasts especially caterpillars and how they change into butterflies. 


Exciting News !

On Tuesday we will be getting ten eggs that will hopefully hatch into chicks. Watch this space!




Our new reward system   Do jo's 

Children love being praised and encouraged and also enjoy a visual reminder of how well they are doing in class. Do Jo's are points that are counted on the interactive whiteboard. Do Jo's are rewarded for good work, effort, manners, excellent reading, being kind to others and many more. 

Do Jo's can also be taken off the score if children don't follow school rules. 

The challenging target is to receive 20 in a week. Children who achieve this get a reward from the treasure box !


How to help your child at home

* Please practise reading books each night and bring them into school each day.

* Practise writing words - sounding them out, using phonics. 

* Practise recognising numbers to 20 and ordering them. Can they say what is one more or one less than a given number. 

* encourage children to get dressed and undressed on their own.

Most of all please make sure your child attends school on time every day!!!! 

Please help us win the chocolate cake and some money for punctuality pounds!!


Click on the document below to see what we are learning about. 

Reception Curriculum Overview