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World Book Day

World Book Day 2017


Have a read of St. Paul's school story. This was written as part of World Book Day. The story started in Reception and worked up through each class who wrote part of it. The story is called An Owltastic Day and is an adventure story involving the Key Stage One class owls. 


An Owltastic Day

Percy, Bill and Sarah, who had been best friends since they were born, were perched in their favourite tree. Little did they know what an adventurous day they had ahead…

"Let’s not wait for Mum," said Sarah. "I think we’re old enough to go hunting on our own." "Should we really?" said Percy. "I want to wait for Mummy," said Bill. So the three mischievous owls set off to go to the deep dark forest. Sarah and Percy were feeling very brave but Bill was terrified. As they approached the gloomy forest, all of a sudden they heard an almighty GROWL!

A great big, nasty bear stared at the owls with a hungry look in his eyes. The owls stood still in shock and said together, "Twitoooooo!" in loud frightened voices. The bear was furious that the owls had dared walk into his forest.

Foaming at the mouth, the bear angrily bellowed, "How dare you enter my forest!" Frozen with fear, the three owls had no idea what to do. Suddenly, the bear

charged at the owls and before they could even think about moving, he viciously grabbed Percy and Sarah by their feet, one in each gigantic paw. Although he knew his best friends were in terrible danger, Bill hastily turned around and flapped his little wings as hard as he could. Within seconds, Bill had disappeared into the distance; he had never felt so ashamed and disappointed in himself. He needed to go back and save his friends.

In the air, Bill was trying to encourage himself to go back. He was feeling alone and petrified. He had never been through anything like this before. How was he to save his friends? As he flew in the tree tops, he spotted more woodland creatures down below and had an idea! He swooped down hastily to ask the squirrels, weasels, hedgehogs and badgers to help. "Help me, my friends have been taken and I need your help!!!" Bill urgently cried.

"No bother little one, we will all do what we can," replied the kind squirrel. In the blink of an eye, they set off to the

bear’s lair while Bill explained what had happened.

Inside his cave meanwhile, the blood thirsty bear was preparing to eat Sarah and Percy.

Arriving at the cave, Bill urgently cried with fear when he spotted the bear holding his poor frightened friends at the back of his dark, damp, and gloomy cave. What could they do?

"Why did we leave our dear Mum?" he heard Sarah cry from the darkness.

Hearing the fear in Sarah’s voice, Bill realised they urgently had to act. Without a second thought, badger dropped to the ground like a sack of spuds.

"If I play dead, I could lure the bear to drop your owl friends and come out of the cave and then we POUNCE!" badger whispered to the other creatures.

Suddenly, the bear’s greedy eyes spotted the badger on the ground; he looked back at the owls in his hand, which

now looked tiny in comparison to the tasty looking badger.

Without hesitation the bear dropped the owls and made his way over to the badger, his mouth watering as he did.

Before his slimy jaw could reach the badger’s head, the kind, sweet and tactical woodland creatures pounced at the bear like a cheetah hunting his prey. The hedgehogs rolled towards the bear pricking him with their spikes, the birds began pecking at the bears paws whilst Bill bravely entered the bear’s lair…

Peering into the darkness, Bill spied Sarah and Percy huddling in a damp, dusty corner. "Come quick. Follow me!" commanded Bill. Flapping their wings anxiously, they tried with all their might; however, they could not move: each of their talons were tied with string to large rocks.

Just then Bill had an idea. He swooped over. With his heart in his mouth, he pecked through the string like a

pneumatic drill through concrete. They were finally free.

Thinking quickly, the three owls used all their might to zoom past the bear. As the bear spotted the owls escaping, he turned in a rage to kill them…

Losing his footing, the grizzly bear fell into the fast-flowing rapids and was washed away – never to be seen again.

That night, all of the school owls and the animals of the forest had a fantastic feast in the school hall to celebrate the demise of the vicious bear.

That night they returned to their tree with bellies full of scrumptious food, tucked their heads under their wings and dreamed of the adventurous day they had just had.