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School Improvement Priorities 2019 - 20

As well as our strategic long-term planning for the school, St Paul's has the following Key Priorities for school improvement over the coming academic year:


Key Priority One

Achievement & Quality of Teaching & Learning

Further improve the quality of teaching and the rate of pupils progress by:

  • Providing all groups, including the most-able pupils, with progressively challenging work to enable better progress in all curriculum subjects

  • Planning and monitoring opportunities to practice maths skills across the wider curriculum
  • Adapting Maths No Problem’ scheme of work to personalise and embedded through  Y1 -Y5
  • Ensuring the quality and quantity of writing continues to consistently improve across all year groups and groups of children
  • Developing and monitoring a new timetabling approach to the teaching of guided reading lessons to develop comprehension skills and further develop reading for pleasure
  • Providing pupils with embedded opportunities to develop their speaking skills
  • Monitoring spelling ability, progress, attainment and outcomes for pupils to ensure progress continues to improve
  • Ensuring the teaching of phonics is effective through good subject knowledge; systematic teaching and reliable assessment
  • Ensuring marking and feedback is embedded and delivered in a timely manner, preferably at the point of learning so pupils can make better progress

  • Ensuring standards of progress/attainment/non-negotiables in RE continue to improve and the school vision is reflected through a wide variety of T & L approaches

  • Providing additional support/interventions for pupils who have additional EAL needs. Staff have an increased awareness of the additional support EAL children require in order to better support their needs

  • Planning and designing wider curriculum theme days/weeks/events to offer opportunities for pupils of all abilities to make links to prior learning

  • Making substantial progress towards successful completion of The Arts Mark Accreditation to ensure pupils receive a widening variety of experiences to further develop their skills and knowledge

  • Ensuring environments are accessible and purposeful to further develop and improve pupil resilience and outcomes

  • Ensuring quality of provision in EYFS is outstanding to maximise % of pupils achieving GLD and bring attainment closer in line with national expectations


Key Priority Two

Leadership and Management, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Increase the impact of leaders and managers at all levels on school improvement by:

  • Setting robust Teacher & TA/Support staff appraisal objectives which reflect the SIPs and are explicitly linked to pupil progress
  • Further developing the role of subject leaders & nominated Governors to ensure all leaders understand what is taught in their subject/s & why
  • Ensuring Subject Leaders & Curriculum Leader provide accurate whole school data analysis of standards in their subjects
  • Maintaining and monitoring  ‘Virtual School’ and PP review documents to evidence, track and compare the impact/outcomes for PPG pupils and review provision of PP children identified with no specific need or academic need
  • EYFS leaders continuing to engage parents in their children’s learning in school and at home and in assessment
  • Monitoring the role of Pupil Support Worker to ensure provision continues to evolve to meet the needs of children and their families and the role impacts positively on pupil well-being /attendance/punctuality
  • Monitoring attendance to ensure it is at least in line with national figures. The role of Pupil Support Worker & Attendance lead is effective in supporting and addressing the needs of parents and pupils with attendance which is persistently below 95%
  • Continuing to ensure policies and staff development reflect the needs of the pupils and ethos of the school to maintain consistently excellent standards of behaviour
  • Monitoring staff well-being and workload. Providing appropriate CPD to reflect the welfare needs of staff
  • Ensuring the school website is compliant and is reflective of the breadth & depth of the school’s curriculum