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"...information based on pupils who have been at the school since the Reception Year indicates that progress is at least good from their starting points..." OFSTED Report, May 2016


End of Key Stage Two Results July 2017

Percentage of Pupils Reaching the Expected Standard or Above

Reading - Pupils Reaching Expected Standard   80%   WELL ABOVE National Averages        

Reading - Pupils Working at Greater Depth         10%    

Writing - Pupils Reaching Expected Standard     70%                      

Maths - Pupils Reaching Expected Standard      80%    WELL ABOVE National Averages             GPS -  Pupils Reaching Expected Standard       50%                    

GPS - Pupils Working at Greater Depth              30%


Combined Reading/Writing/Maths  70%     



Average progress scores

Reading   TBC

Writing     TBC

Maths      TBC


Average Scaled Scores

Reading  TBC

Maths       TBC

GPS         TBC