Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs G Smith (Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Wells (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads) or Mr Fielding (Designated Safeguarding Leads reserve)

St Paul’s participates in Operation Encompass. Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, school will be advised that the child has been involved. Please see school website for further details

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be found here. SAFEGUARDING POLICY

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British Values in the Curriculum

British Values around school

British Values at St Paul's Church of England Primary School


"All maintained schools must meet the requirements set out in section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of their pupils. Through ensuring pupils’ SMSC development, schools can also demonstrate they are actively promoting fundamental British values.


Living out our Christian Vision, meeting requirements for collective worship, establishing a strong school ethos supported by effective relationships throughout the school, and providing relevant activities beyond the classroom are all ways of ensuring pupils’ SMSC development.


Pupils must be encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance.


It is expected that pupils should understand that while different people may hold different views about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, all people living in England are subject to its law. The school’s ethos and teaching, which schools should make parents aware of, should support the rule of English civil and criminal law and schools should not teach anything that undermines it. If schools teach about religious law, particular care should be taken to explore the relationship between state and religious law. Pupils should be made aware of the difference between the law of the land and religious law"


Promoting fundamental British Values as part of SMSC in school Department of Education November 2014


At St Paul's Primary we uphold British values through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education which permeates through the school’s curriculum and supports the development of the whole child. We recognise that such development is most successful when those values and attitudes are promoted by all staff and provide a model of behaviour for our pupils. We use our Christian Vision, which has been developed by pupils, staff and governors, as a model to live out both within school and out of school .

Examples how British values are upheld at St Paul's can be found below:




Rule of Law




Responsibility and individual liberty


Mutual respect and tolerance


Across school


Christian Vision

Christian values

High expectations

Reflection opportunities and responsibility for actions and behaviours

Visits from the police, fire officers and local community Officers

Attendance awards


School council elections take place across school.

School council meetings

Pupil questionnaires

Parents questionnaires

House teams

Christian values

Team sports

Participation in competitions


Christian Vision

Opportunities to take part in variety of sports and after school clubs

Celebration of all achievements across school

School and church Christmas fair

Enterprise activities


Christian Vision

Transition arrangements across school.

Y6 transition to high school

Foundation Stage transition into school

PHSE curriculum

Behaviour for learning

Class and school visits


Foundation Stage / Reception 


Visits from the police, fire officers and local community Officers


As across school


As across school


RE curriculum promotes an understanding of different religions

Through aspects of the history curriculum.

Links with pre school


Year 1


Behaviour charts

Attendance rewards


School council members


Community events

Charity fundraisers


As across school


Year 2


As across school


School council members


As across school


As across school


Year 3


Formulate class rules.

Reflection sheets for behaviour


School council members


Stranger danger


As across school


Year 4


Formulate class rules.

Reflection sheets for behaviour



 School council members


As across school 


 As across school


Year 5


 Formulate class rules


 School council members


As across school


As across school


Year 6


Online safety and cyber bulling education

Formulate class rules.


School council members


Take on roles of responsibility

Different coloured jumpers - role models.


As across school





Children understand and can talk about why we need to behave in school and demonstrate they can follow and understand the school and class rules


Children are able to work co-operatively in pairs and groups as well as whole class situations in all areas of the curriculum and wider aspects of school life.

Children understand turn taking and respecting the views of others.

Children especially in key stage 2 are more able to respect the views of others and use appropriate language to discuss different views.

Children understand the importance of using their vote to allow themselves to be heard.


Children understand the importance of accepting responsibility for their actions and of the right to be heard.

Children are given opportunities to discuss aspects of school life.


Children show respect in the actions towards their peers and others members of the community.

They are able to work alongside one another and in groups.

The overall behaviour around school demonstrates this value in action.

Children are able to talk about different faiths and cultures.