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Meet the Governors

Just like every school, we have a group of volunteers who form our Governing Board. We have several kinds of governors determined by how they are elected to their role.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Parish and Diocese.

Parent Governors are elected by our parents.

Staff Governors, (this includes the Head and a teacher), are either elected, or in the case of the Head, given a place due to their post.

Local Authority Governors are nominated by Lancashire County Council.

Governors meet each term to discuss matters affecting the school. They meet as both small committees, which oversee the buildings, finance, staffing and curriculum, and as a full body.

Currently, our Governing Board is made up of the following people: 


St Paul's Church of England Primary Governors, Appointing Body & Term of Office


Foundation Governors  

Mrs Christine Haworth (Chair of Governors)        17.02.20 - 16.02.24 (POM)

Cllr Judith Addison                                                01.09.18 - 31.08.22 (PCC)

Rev Capt. Martin Joss                                           01.07.17 - 30.06.21 (PCC)                   

Mrs Maureen Holmes                                            20.02.20 - 19.02.24 (POM)                        

Mr John Shaw (Vice-Chair)                                   07.05.20 - 06.05.24 (PCC)

Mrs Julie Stansfield                                               25.09.17 - 24.09.21 (POM)

Mrs Elaine Eatough                                               02.01.19 - 01.01.23 (PCC)

Mr Stephen Breckell                                              27.08.20 - 26.08.24 (PCC)


Parent Governors

Mr Craig Buck                                                      19.04.16 - 18.04.20




Mrs Gina Smith                                                     Ex-Officio                                   


Staff Governor

Mrs. Rachel Wells                                                 01.02.18 - 31.01.22


Local Authority Governor

Mrs. Ann Marie Allonby                                          15.03.17 - 14.03.21


Co-opted Governor