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Governor Committee Membership & Responsibilities

Cllr J. Addison             Resources; Able, Gifted & Talented

Mrs A.M. Allonby         Teaching, Learning & Standards (Chair); Resources; Pay Review;                                                   English; Art & DT; Link Governor

Mr S. Breckell              Teaching, Learning & Standards; Science; Art & DT

Mr C. Buck                   Resources (Chair); Pay Review (Chair); School Website

Mrs C. Haworth            Chair of Governors; Teaching, Learning & Standards, Resources                                                   Headteacher Appraisal; Safeguarding; Admissions; Pupil Premium;                                               School Safety & Behaviour

Mrs M. Holmes            Teaching, Learning & Standards; Headteacher Appraisal;                                                               EYFS; Equalities; History, Geography

Rev Capt M. Joss        Teaching, Learning & Standards; Headteacher Appraisal; RE &                                                       Collective Worship; RSE; Computing & Online Safety; Staff Wellbeing,                                           History, Geography

Mr J. Shaw                   Vice-Chair of Governors; Resources, Admissions; Mathematics;                                                     Headteacher Appraisal

Mrs G. Smith                Teaching, Learning & Standards; Resources; Admissions

Mrs J. Stansfield           Resources; SEND; Pay Review

Mrs R. Wells                 Teaching, Learning & Standards; Resources, Admissions

Mrs E. Eatough             Teaching, Learning & Standards; GDPR Governor; PSHE/Personal                                                Development